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Saturday, January 10, 2015

17 weeks!

I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and just started feeling movement the other day. What an amazing feeling! I'm so humbled to be able to finally have a child of my own. I never thought it would happen and to know that it is finally here just seems so amazing.When I can feel those little movements and when I hear the heartbeat it all seems so surreal to me. I don't think I can even express how thankful and in awe I am. It's so true that waiting for something makes it so much more special. I would've always been thankful for a baby, but after waiting several years it makes every little detail so much sweeter.

Don't get me wrong, I have had morning sickness and several other things that aren't pleasant, but it is all worth it! I am thankful after a pretty rough time with morning sickness to now be past it at this point. My thyroid is being monitored frequently since the baby relies on my thyroid hormones to grow and develop. At my appointment the month before last my t4 (what the baby uses that helps them to develop properly) was a little lower than they liked so they checked my levels again at my last appointment. They had dropped even lower than before so my doctor increased my medicine and will recheck my levels again. It's hard not to stress over it, but my t4 isn't extremely low so that helps. It's always hard to know everything isn't perfectly where it should be, but I know God is taking care of our little one and I'm thankful my doctor is staying on top of everything. We knew with my thyroid issues this would be the way pregnancy would go, but with the first baby and not knowing what to expect it can be hard at times not to worry. I'm just so thankful to have had an uneventful pregnancy so far and a healthy little one. Being able to feel them move is so comforting and I'm so excited for this stage of pregnancy. We had an ultrasound around 10 weeks and the ultrasound tech had a hard time getting a good picture of our baby because he/she was so active! She said we have a little one who loves to move so I'm sure before too long I will feel them moving all the time!

We find out in a little over a week if we are having a boy or a girl and I can't wait! The closer it gets the more impatient I am becoming.  I haven't really bought anything yet because I was waiting to find out the gender. I plan on doing a little shopping right after my ultrasound! I have avoided baby sections most of the time because I don't want to be tempted to buy things. A few weeks ago Bobby and I were in Walmart and I had gone to get something from a different part of the store than where Bobby was. On the way back I thought I would ask Bobby if he wanted to go look at baby stuff since we really hadn't in a while. As I turned the corner I saw that he was already walking out of the baby section with a few outfits that he wanted to show me. I think it is safe to say he is just as ready as I am to start getting stuff! I would appreciate prayers that my t4 will have increased some at my next appointment. I am still feeling very tired and having other hypothyroid symptoms so I am thinking they may have to increase my medicine again, so just pray my levels get to the right point soon!

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