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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Good, The Bad...

So I have been on my new medicine LDN for a little over a month now, not too long at all. I had labs drawn last week to see if it was making any improvements on my antibody levels. Before I took the labs I had talked with people who have Hashimoto's and take LDN, they told me not to expect any changes the first month, especially since I was on such a low dose. They said it would take probably 2-3 months to see any difference on my labs. Every month that I have been checked my antibodies have always gone up, so I figured if it went up again this month it wasn't a big deal, I just have to give the medicine time to work. I will say I can tell it's working because I haven't been as tired, or forgetful. I didn't take it for several days in a row right before my labs because I ran out and I could feel the difference when I wasn't on it. So overall, I'm impressed with it so far.

I got my labs back today and my Tpo antibodies actually did decrease this month!! They didn't cut in half or anything, but seeing as they were going up each month, it's a small victory to me. Especially since I was told to expect zero results. The downside is my thyroglobulin antibodies did increase this month (boooo!) but I hadn't taken my LDN for about four days when I had labs drawn, and like I said,  I had just been on it for a month at a low dose, so I'm not discouraged at all about that. I do have an appointment with an endocrinologist in June, but I hope the LDN has shown more results by that point.

I took 1.5 mg last month, the goal dose is 4.5 mg. I went up to 3 mg for this next month (started it last Monday) and I want to see where I'm at after being on that dose for  a few more weeks, then increase to the 4.5 mg. I have seen improvement in symptoms going  up to 3 mg and I hope it just gets better! So the good results, one of my antibodies decreased, but one went up too...I don't count that as "bad" but I guess you could. I think seeing results of any kind so quickly is all the positive news I need after months of bad news!

I think it's really amazing to see God use a struggle you have to help others. It happens to me often  and it's what encourages me to keep going. To not give in, to always find another way. I think if I can help others get through the same struggles I've had then it's worth all the pain. Over the past several weeks I have had a few people contact me because they were recently diagnosed with thyroid issues. I am a reader/researcher by nature and I want to learn anything and everything I can about things that interest me. Over the past few months I have been reading books, websites, and talking to people about thyroid issues. I've learned a lot and I think it's so humbling to be able to use a difficulty in your own life to get others the help they need. Many of them struggle with infertility, what an amazing thought to know God used me to help someone accomplish their dreams of having a family. He wants to use all of us for something. To help others in some way, it may not be the same way as I can help someone, but that's why we each have our own unique story. As long as we have the right attitude and we look for those opportunities I believe God will always use us!

I heard this verse Sunday in church and it's one of my favorites. It went right along with what I've been focusing on lately too.

Jude 22 "And of some having compassion, making a difference."

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